Watches produced by the Minsk Watch Factory (USSR/Belarus).  

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Dsc02232.jpg (93958 byte) Dsc02245.jpg (59174 byte) Model: Luch Perpetual Calendar
Year: 2003
Module: 2350, quartz, 8 jewels, double-date with quick setting
Note: the Luch watches are produced in Minsk (Belarus). This one is strongly inspired to the Orient Multi-Calendar. The second crown allows to calculate the day-date until the year 2023.  The movement is one of the few quartz movements designed in USSR (produced till now). On the dial, "KBAPU" means "quartz". Nice watch, although it's not mechanical.  
Dsc02604.jpg (86158 byte) Dsc02605.jpg (73089 byte) Model: Luch Electro-Mechanical
Year: years '80s (?)
Module: 3055, electro-mechanical/quartz, 18 jewels, double-date with quick setting
Note: Unfortunately now this watch is broken, but i keep it here as reference. Designed as a mechanical watch, but there is an electro-magnetic disk in place of the balance wheel; its high-speed oscillation is regulated by a quartz circuit. The action of the seconds hand is continuous, exactly as on a pure-mechanical watch. Acrylic glass, screwed caseback. Very rare, probably produced in small series.  
Dsc02294.jpg (78708 byte) Dsc02295.jpg (99625 byte) Model: Luch Perestrojka (1)
Year: late '80s
Module: 2356, 8 jewels, quartz
Note: very simple and cheap watch, but the dial is graphically interesting and pleasant. On the dial there is the "Luch Quartz" inscription in Cyrillic. The original movement was broken, and i replaced it with another module, totally similar but made by Slava. Pressed caseback, acrylic glass. 
Dsc02292.jpg (87133 byte) Dsc02293.jpg (88675 byte) Model: Luch Perestrojka (2)
Year: late '80s
Module: 2356, 8 jewels, quartz
Note: another watch dedicated to the Perestrojka, the short period of democracy in USSR. Pressed caseback, acrylic glass. The case of this watch (and of the previous one) is derived from a Poljot of the years '60s.  
Dsc01670.jpg (79405 byte) Dsc02296.jpg (81268 byte) Model: Vostok compass + Luch 1801 watch
Year: 1985 (compass) - early '90s (watch)
Movement: Luch 1801, 17 jewels, hand-wound
Note: i have made this combo in the 2004. I have taken an old Luch woman's watch, i have trown away the bracelet, i have painted the case in black and i have stitched the watch on a nylon strap. Now this compass can be worn without renouncing to the watch :-) Diameter of the compass 40 mm, diameter of the watch 25 mm (the movement is only 18 mm!).