Watches/pocket watches produced by the "Integral Watch Factory" in Minsk (watches) and by the "NII-Pulsar Watch Factory" in Moscow (digital pocket watches).   

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Dsc02411.jpg (78606 byte) Dsc02412.jpg (107396 byte) Model: Elektronika 5-202
Year: late '70s-early '80s
Module: 30350, quartz, LCD, month, day of the month and of the week 
Note: the LCD watches were very rare in the USSR. This one works with two batteries. Very heavy and massive case, screwed caseback, three buttons operated with a pencil and one normal button. Very particular watch :-) Width 37 mm, height 43 mm, thickness 13 mm. 
Dsc02421.jpg (86318 byte) Dsc02420.jpg (77570 byte) Model: Elektronika 5-204
Year: 1987
Module: 8304, quartz LCD, month, day of the month, internal light
Note: more modern and light construction (but also cheaper) in comparison with the 5-202: works with only one battery. Quite simple functions. Pressed caseback. Unfortunately the glass is cracked, and it can't be replaced with a generic one. :-( Width 36 mm, thickness 7 mm. 
Dsc02427.jpg (87421 byte) Dsc02431.jpg (117250 byte) Model: Elektronika 5-204 (variant II)
Year: 1990
Caliber: quartz LCD, month, day of the month, stopwatch, alarm, internal light
Note: another rare Soviet LCD watch. This watch is in bad conditions (the glass is heavily scratched and cracked and the alarm device needs to be rapaired), but it' rare and this is the reason that makes me keep in the collection. :-) Pressed caseback. Width 36 mm, thickness 9 mm. 
Dsc02398.jpg (105381 byte) Dsc02403.jpg (114414 byte) Model: Elektronika 1-07
Year: 1986
Module: quartz LCD, moth, day of the month, stopwatch, two world times, alarm, internal light

Note: very rare digital pocket watch, hard to find in these mint conditions. Plastic/aluminium construction. Retractable arm to keep it vertical, original leatherette envelope and instructions manual (only in Cyrillic!). On the back there are two slots, the one on the right is for the two batteries, the one on the left.... i don't know. Dimensions 105 x 47 x 8 mm.